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MWR's 72 Hour Money Challenge Benefits


Unlike most programs that educate you and then expect you to implement this knowledge on your own, with MWR, YOU’VE GOT PEOPLE! MWR provides you with a complete team of financial experts who will do the work for you and anyone you refer.


MWR is the only company in the financial industry that guarantees to put more money in your pockets than what our membership costs, or you get your money back! The only way you can lose is by simply choosing not to participate.


By simply referring others to MWR's 72-Hour Money Challenge and letting our experts do the work, you can GET PAID DAILY in immediate and long-term residual income while enjoying one of the highest member retention rates in the home-based business industry!

MWR GivBux Rewards

MWR GivBux Rewards

Get Rewarded

Finally... A simple way to Save & Get Paid on the things we spend money on EVERY Day! Earn rewards when you use the App! Earn rewards whenever someone you invite uses the app to make a purchase! Then use your rewards to make future purchases, instead of your cash!

Give Back!

Finally, a socially responsible App that allows you to automatically contribute a chosen percentage of the rewards you earn to the charity of your choice. Just add your favorite church, charity, or any other non-profit organization to the app, if it’s not already there, and start giving back today!

Let Good Happen!

Your MWR GivBux Super App also makes it simple to send and receive mobile payments or gifts from over 100,000 merchant locations including stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues you already know and love!

Take and Share the 72-Hour Money Challenge! Our experts do the work! You enjoy the results, while getting paid daily to refer others! Get Started TODAY!
Get Started

The Numbers Don’t Lie! MWR’s members now have more money in their pockets than ever and YOU can be next!

$2.3 Billion Overall 16.7 Yrs/Mbr Avg.

MWR is on pace to collectively help our members eliminate over $2.3 Billion in interest while reducing their time in debt by an average of 16.7 yrs./Member!

$12.1 Million/mo $144 Million/yr​

$144 Million/yr

MWR has collectively shifted more than $12.1 Million/month and over $145 Million/year in tax overpayments away from the government and back into our member’s pockets!

$8.2 Million/mo $98.4 Million/yr​

$98.4 Million/yr

MWR is collectively saving our members over $8.2 Million/month and over $98.4 Million/year on their Regular Monthly Bills, Healthcare Costs, and Normal Day to Day Living Expenses.

126+ Points Millions in Savings​

Millions in Savings

MWR has helped tens of thousands of our members raise their credit scores an average of 126+ pts, shifting Millions in interest and insurance savings back to them.

Every day you wait to accept MWR’s 72-Hour Money Challenge could be costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars EVERY MONTH, you will never get back! Get Started Today!

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