Instant Pay Raise


The Instant Pay Raise Estimator will calculate how much you may save on your annual taxes by owning an MWR Financial Home-Based Business.

Below are just 7 of over 180 possible HBB tax deductions that could
Save You Money and Increase Your Paycheck EVERY month!
Remember, you must have a home-based business to capitalize on these tax savings.

Common TAX DEDUCTIBLE Expenses

Enter your MONTHLY amounts into the fields provided.
Monthly Expenses
Annual Deductions
Number of Miles You Drive:

include all vehicles (Estimated deduction is based on 70% of the total miles being converted to eligible business miles, at a rate of $.58 per mile):

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Cell Phone Expenses:
$ 0.00
Internet Expense:
$ 0.00
Cost of Business Meals:
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Travel Expenses / Business Trips:

(airfare, hotel, parking, car rental, etc.):

$ 0.00
Health Insurance Premium:
$ 0.00
Number of Your Children:
Ages 7-17 that you employ or intend to employ

(This deduction is based on your HBB paying each child $5,000/year of the $12,000 in tax-free income they are eligible to earn annually)

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Your Total Annual Deductions:
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Average Tax Bracket

The default Tax Bracket of 18% is selected based on a conservative national average of 12% Federal and 6% State Tax. If you know your current combined State and Federal tax bracket? Please feel free to select the Tax Bracket that applies to you.

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