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Mr. Jordan Goodman
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Improve your credit scores from
50-150 points on average!

CreditMAX is a premier Credit Correction and Consulting component included with every Financial Edge membership.

Credit Scores affect every area of your financial life! Including… your interest rates, down payments, insurance premiums and even your ability to obtain certain types of employment! CreditMAX will restore you and your Spouses credit scores to the best possible condition. This can potentially save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars every month.

You will also have access to our team of credit experts for consultations on how to use credit effectively. The types of accounts that can increase or decrease your credit scores. Plus learn how and where to open new lines of credit that can push your scores even higher.

ID theft is affecting 1 in 4 Americans and this can be extremely detrimental to your credit. Many times you won’t ever know that ID theft has occurred until you are denied credit. With CreditMAX's Identity Theft correction service, our experts will help you resolve any issues that arise if you ever become a victim of America's fastest growing crime.

CreditMAX has already helped over 100,000 customers restore and build their credit and has removed over 1,000,000 entries! Start your service today and get on the fast track to improving your credit and living the lifestyle you deserve.

Credit Reports, Scores, Transactions & ID Theft Monitoring

CreditMAX has also partnered with Smart Credit to provide one of the most comprehensive Credit, Transaction and ID monitoring services in the industry. This is an affordable add-on feature that will allow you to stay informed of any changes to your credit reports and scores before, during or after the CreditMAX credit restoration process, as well as, the ability to monitor, approve and/or deny any transactions directly with your creditors, in real time, to avoid ever becoming a victim of identity theft. Click here to get MWR Smart Credit Today!

What’s included

  • FREE Credit Reports (Trans Union, Experian & Equifax) provided thru annualcreditreport.com
  • Professional Analysis of your credit reports by CreditMAX Credit Restoration Experts
  • Unlimited Personalized Disputes processed and sent on your behalf to assist with the correction or deletion of any information you believe is inaccurate, misleading, outdated, obsolete or that is no longer able to be verified
  • Updated Credit Reports provided by each reporting agency to show all items corrected or deleted
  • Customer Portal to keep you informed on where we are in the process
  • Credit Rebuilding Services to help you establish or reestablish your credit history/score
  • Identity Theft Correction

What to expect

  • C.R.O.A. compliant, confidential, professional, personalized & prompt service!
  • Our customers typically experience an average credit score increase of 50-150 points. Results may vary for each client!
  • Increasing your credit scores can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars in; interest rates, down payments, and even auto/homeowners insurance premiums!
  • Peace of mind knowing that your credit is in the hands of professionals!


Get out of debt in 1/3 to 1/2 of the
time and save thousands!

Debt is destructive to the long term security of your family.

EquityMAX is a proprietary software program that provides every Financial Edge member with a monthly plan of action to get out of debt fast. The EquityMAX system will show you how to pay off all of your debts, including your mortgage(s) in 1/2 to 1/3 of the time, or even less, without spending any more per month on your debt than you do right now! We will help you do this without qualifying for any new loans or negatively impacting your credit rating! EquityMAX is not a debt consolidation program. EquityMAX is a step-by-step system that will compare your Creditor’s Debt Plan, the one that will keep you chained to an interest rate for years, and your NEW EquityMAX Plan that will put you on the fast track to financial security.

We’ll show you how to use your own debt to create financial security.

EquityMAX works by creating an all-inclusive plan showing you the day, month, and year that each of your creditors will be eliminated from your financial picture. By paying off your Mortgage, Car Loans, Medical Bills, Student Loans, and Credit Cards faster you can potentially save tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest! Then our simple system will show you how to secure your financial future with these savings. Just follow the instructions on your monthly EquityMAX statement, and your Debt-Free dates will be within reach, FASTER and SIMPLER than you ever imagined. Become a Financial Edge member today and let EquityMAX help you eliminate your debts in record time!

EquityMAX Benefits

  • Comprehensive & Personalized Debt Repayment Plans
  • Eliminate Your Debts In 1/3 -1/2 The Time Without Spending A Penny More
  • Calculate The Exact Day, Month & Year You'll Be Debt Free
  • EquityMAX Repayment Plans Will Not Negativly Impact Your Credit Scores
  • Save Tens & Even Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Unnecessary Interest Charges
  • Shave Years & Even Decades Off Your Creditors Payment Plans


Unlimited access to professional
financial planners and advisors!

Get Unlimited Financial Advice on Demand

Knowledge is power and when it comes to making wise financial decisions most people don’t have an expert they can get financial advice from. MoneyMAX provides you with UNLIMITED access to top rated CPA’s and CFP’s, without having to pay $125-$200 per hour! You will never have to take chances with you and your family’s financial future again! You will also have unlimited access to our extensive MoneyMAX Financial Library that provides financial planning tools, information, and numerous financial calculators.

Members may also have their last 3 years of tax returns reviewed by MoneyMAX experts to see if there are any deductions your tax preparer may have missed. Then, our team of CPAs/CFPs will analyze your current situation and determine if there are any other expenses that could be deductible. We’ll also help small and home-based business owners reduce their tax liability by taking advantage of every single possible deduction available to them in the tax code. What if only one piece of information was all that stood between you and bringing home more money every payday, wouldn’t you want to know what it was? Everyone would. Knowledge is power and financial knowledge is not only powerful, it’s priceless.

MoneyMAX also provides each Financial Edge member with Taxbot. This incredible App takes the headache out of keeping track of all of your expenses that can be used as deductions to reduce your tax liability. It can automatically track your mileage through GPS, capture and organize all of your receipts and it even provides you with a detailed report that can easily be sent directly to your tax preparer or CPA. This service is included with every Financial Edge membership, at no additional cost to you.

Have you ever needed advice on

  • Creating a budget and financial counseling.
  • Knowing which type of life insurance is best for you and your family?
  • Understanding the appropriate asset allocations for you based on your risk tolerance?
  • The best types and ways to start a college fund?
  • Properly planning for your retirement and factoring the effects of inflation?
  • Tax planning and protecting your estate?
  • Eldercare expenses and needs analysis?


Exclusive access to the financial
secrets of the wealthy!

Be Mentored by a Financial Master

WealthMAX is a financial literacy, education and mentorship program led by “America’s Money Answers Man”, Mr. Jordan Goodman. A world-renowned financial expert, author and frequent featured guest on CNN, CNBC, The View, Fox News and CBS, Get a financial education from the most basic principles to the most advanced strategies, WeathMAX is your path to financial mastery.

Are you trying to decide…

Is now a good time to buy a house? Is the stock market stable to invest in? Should I invest in precious metals? What are the best stocks to invest in now? If you have questions, Jordan Goodman has the answers. Just plug into the monthly coaching calls or watch the video library to learn the secrets of the wealthy. Your Financial Edge membership gives you unlimited access to the mind of this financial genius.

Private Reserve Account - Retirement Advice on Demand

In addition to all of the incredible knowledge WealthMAX has to offer, you will also have access to our Private Reserve Account and unlimited consultations with our retirement experts. All of which, can provide you with the best ways to save, grow and protect your money, tax free, with no risk of loss!

WealthMAX Benefits

  • Be Mentored By Mr. Jordan Goodman & Attend Live Q&A Sessions
  • Get Exclusive Access To The Monthly Financial Coaching & Training Calls
  • Unlimited Access To The On-Demand Video Library Of Financial Topics
  • Increase Your Financial IQ, Financial Vocabulary & Boost Your Confidence
  • Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Income By Knowing What To Do & When
  • Help Your Children Make The Best Financial Decisions For Their Future

Additional Benefits


Are you experiencing harassing calls, bad debts or other financial problems and feeling like there is no way out? We can help! Our Debt Resolution Center offers the most comprehensive solutions for your financial problems. Our approach is to provide you with every option and most importantly, the option that is best for you and your family. Our legal team will analyze your current Bad Debt Portfolio and determine the best method to eliminate these debts once and for all. Schedule a FREE consultation and get on the shortest path to financial recovery.

Our Specialties Include:

  • Bankruptcy and Debt Reorganizations
  • Federal & State Tax Settlements
  • Medical Bill Settlements
  • Consumer Credit Counseling
  • Debt Validation-Debt Settlement
  • Student Loans and much more
Don’t take chances with your finances!

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As a single mother, I can’t say enough about the MWR Financial Edge services. MoneyMAX showed me how to reduce my taxes and increase my cash flow by $500 per month, CreditMAX raised my credit scores over 90 points in 90 days allowing me to buy a home for my family and EquityMAX gave me a plan of action to pay off all of my debts, including my new mortgage, in 8 years versus 30, saving me tens of thousands of dollars in interest. I also plugged into the WealthMAX calls and learned how to make my money work for me through real estate and stock market investing. I got excited about how the program helped me, so I started referring it to other people and developed a healthy 4 figure monthly residual income. I’m so excited to bring this program to everyone out there!

As a Real Estate Broker, the core services provided by MWR Financial are vital to the success of my business. CreditMAX has helped several of my clients increase their credit scores, allowing them to qualify for lending, after initially being turned down. EquityMAX helps my clients lower their debt to income ratios and build equity in their property, so they can refinance or sell their existing home, in order to qualify to purchase a new one and MoneyMAX shows our clients how to take advantage of the tax breaks associated with becoming a home-owner, compared to renting. However, what excites me the most, is that we’ve been able to set ourselves apart from all of the Realtors in our area by simply being able to show my clients how to use EquityMAX to pay off their mortgage and all their other debts in 1/2 to 1/3 of the time or less, without spending any more than they are right now. Saving them tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest. With that said, if you’re a Mortgage or Real Estate Professional that is not using MWR Financial to help you sell more homes or close more loans, you are missing out. Thanks MWR Financial!

As a multi-million dollar earner who has built teams of tens of thousands over the last 50 years, I was recently pulled out of retirement by a good friend of mine to participate in what I believe is the best opportunity I have seen in my lifetime. As a 70 year old former Marine, I'm tired of watching my friends and family struggle financially! So... Donna girl and I have made the decision to do something about it! We want to pay it forward by helping others win in life. To make a long story short, MWR Financial has allowed us to already help 72 people start earning $150-$3000+ per month, in our first 90 days. Several of them, as well as Donna and I have already qualified for $500-$1250 per month in Luxury vehicle bonuses and thanks to MWR's Daily Pay, we've already earned 62 commission payments and we can honestly say that has never happened to either of us in our 50 year career. With that said, if you're looking for the best way to Make and Save more money, you've found it!!! To your future success.

I just wanted to thank MWR Financial for this incredible opportunity! I've been involved in this industry before and was blessed to build a huge team of people all across the country, only to have my opportunity sold. However, With MWR I feel like I've been given a second chance, with a CEO that builds his companies to last and a track record to prove it. In just a few short months, I'm way ahead of where I was with the previous company and I am currently in the process of firing my boss! Thanks to MWR Financial, my team and I no longer have to just dream about time and financial freedom, we actually have the vehicle that is making it happen.

Who can not be excited about Guaranteed Daily Pay? I get a ding faithfully every morning at 10:00 a.m. letting me know I have guaranteed money. As a working single Mom and an entrepreneur of 16 years and counting; I wanted to try something different. MWR has allowed me to be even more creative and find different ways to enrich the lives of others. My family, friends and my 18 year old son are all reaping the benefits of MWR and in just a little over 90 days I have been able to help hundreds of others do better financially, while promoting myself to a District Manager, earning a monthly car bonus and making thousands every month in ongoing passive income! And did I mention the great services? CreditMAX raised my credit scores over 50 points in less than 2 months and not only can I now do my favorite things such as travel and plan events, I will also retire early! Thanks MWR Financial for this life changing opportunity!! :)